Octane Fitness Pro 3700 vs Octane Fitness XT3700 Review

What is the difference between these two elliptical trainers from Octane Fitness? Does one offer better value for the money? After all, an elliptical is excellent for improving overall fitness. Let’s take a closer look to see which is best for you.

Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Machine Trainer

Octane Fitness Pro 3700
Octane Fitness Pro 3700

The Pro 3700  Classic is not a typical elliptical trainer. Instead, it lets you make an ordinary workout more productive with 30:30 intervals, Cross Circuit, MMA-like fighting moves, X-Mode, Glute Kicker, and Arm Blaster. As you can imagine, even pro athletes won’t get bored by this machine quickly.

Besides the extra exercises and accessories you can add (like the Cross Circuit stands), there are twenty training programs and thirty levels of resistance. While you can link a Polar wireless chest strap, you can also measure your heart rate with the sensors in the stationary handles. Of course, all the important workout data appears on display, as calories burned, time elapsed, time in target heart rate zone, and more.

With the Pro 3700 Classic, you can target various muscle groups, not only your cardiovascular fitness. For example, since there are both stationary and moving handlebars, you can focus on different areas just by moving your grip. And since the machine is designed to protect your body from jarring impacts, you can get a safer workout than you could while running in the street.

Even better, you can pedal this elliptical forward or backward, and even ride it in a squatting position for X-Mode. The only downside to the Pro 3700, when compared to some later models from Octane Fitness, is that its stride length is fixed at 24 inches. You can’t adjust either the length or the height.

Finally, since the Pro 3700 is a commercial-grade machine, it’s made to last and stand up to hard use. It supports users weighing up to 400 pounds and comes with a manufacturer warranty.

More features of the Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical:

  • Octane Fitness offers a commercial warranty with 3-years for parts and 1-year for labor
  • Requires assembly
  • Weighs 320 pounds and has a footprint of 34 by 83 inches
  • Cross Circuit stands are sold separately


Octane Fitness XT3700 Elliptical Trainer

Octane Fitness XT3700
Octane Fitness XT3700

With a name like XT3700, you might think that this elliptical offers more features than the Pro 3700 Classic. While both are commercial-grade machines, the XT3700 actually has seven fewer workout programs than the Pro 3700, chiefly the heart-rate-controlled ones. But that may be its only failing. It’s the newer version of the Classic, designed to replace it as Octane Fitness phases out the older model.

In many ways, the XT3700 improves upon the Pro 3700 Classic. For one, it offers closer pedal spacing for natural posture. It also comes with necessary features like a water bottle holder and a USB charging port for mobile devices (only on the Smart Console).

Next, it’s compatible with Polar and ANT+, not just Polar chest straps. And when you view exercise data on-screen, you can see more specific information about your distance and calorie goals, not just what you’ve completed so far. Plus, if you choose the version of the XT3700 with the Smart Console, you’ll get three more workouts and other goodies, too, not just the extended compatibility with other heart rate monitors.

The Smart Console also offers the ability to browse the Internet, stream videos, and use a few web applications. It has a 10-inch touch capacity screen instead of the LED display on the standard console.

Finally, although the XT3700 is a little larger and heavier than the Pro 3700, it has transport wheels to help you move it if necessary.

More features of the XT3700 Elliptical:

  • Octane Fitness offers a warranty with 3-years for parts and 1-year for labor
  • Weighs 342 pounds and has a footprint of 37 by 86 inches



It’s a tough choice between these two elliptical trainers from Octane Fitness. The Pro 3700 Classic is a longtime favorite with excellent features, but it’s being discontinued. As such, you may find it for a lower price.

Meanwhile, if you want the latest and greatest, get the XT3700. It has improved design features even though it offers a smaller selection of programs.

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Click here to purchase Octane Fitness XT3700 on Amazon.com!



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