Octane Fitness XT4700 Review

Octane Fitness XT4700
Octane Fitness XT4700

If you want to furnish a gym with possibly the best elliptical trainer on the market, take a look at the XT4700 from Octane Fitness. It’s a commercial grade machine, built for regular use by serious athletes.

Unlike many home gym ellipticals, the XT4700 operates quietly. Even better, it has an adjustable stride length from 18 to 28 inches so that it accommodates a wide variety of users.

Also important is the fact that there are 30 resistance levels. That feature makes the XT4700 excellent for beginners and pros alike.

When you’re ready to work out, there are 16 preset programs ready to use. Those include options for CROSS Circuit, MMA, and 30:30 interval training. But you’re not limited to forward motion only. The XT4700 has SmartStride, which lets you perform actions like running, jogging, and moving backward, too. You won’t need a treadmill now because this elliptical covers all those bases.

Of course, there are heart rate sensors in the handle grips, and you can view the readout on the console. Or you can hook up an ANT+ or Polar chest strap instead.

Although the standard display reveals all the essential data like calories burned and time elapsed, you can add a TV screen that lets you view training videos and browse the internet.

Let’s go back to the hand grips for a moment. There are two fixed handles and two moving ones. The ones that move have fingertip buttons that allow you to change the resistance levels without reaching for the console. And they are designed to allow you to grasp them in a variety of positions which enhances the exercise you perform with your upper body.

Finally, the XT4700 offers X-Mode plus other workout boosters. The X-Mode involves pedaling in reverse while squatting, adding a new challenge to an ordinary routine.

As you can see, the Octane Fitness XT4700 may be only one machine, but you won’t outgrow it anytime soon.

More features of the Octane Fitness XT4700 elliptical:

  • Covered by a one-year warranty on labor and three years on parts



If you want a versatile elliptical trainer that suits a variety of users, the XT4700 is ideal. Not only can you adjust the stride length, but it also has 30 levels of resistance, 16 preset programs, plus allows for new challenges like X-Mode. It’s quiet and durable, as well as comfortable and easy to use.

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