Octane Fitness Pro310 vs xR4x Review

Using an elliptical trainer is one of the best ways to increase your overall fitness. Not only do you improve your cardiovascular health, but you also strengthen your musculature. But when it’s time to choose between standing or recumbent trainers, which one is better? The answer might surprise you.

Octane Fitness Pro310 Elliptical

Octane Fitness Pro310
Octane Fitness Pro310

There’s no argument that equipment from Octane Fitness is some of the best you can buy. And the Pro310 elliptical is no exception. There are several reasons why this is a popular choice for homes and commercial gyms around the country.

To begin, the Pro310 provides a low-impact workout that simulates running without jarring your joints. It works just as well in reverse as it does in a forward direction, providing natural movement for both your arms and legs. In fact, the pedals are spaced close together to reduce stress on your hips and lower back. And the handlebars have a full range of motion and multiple grips for comfort.

Next, although the console is a little basic in appearance, it comes with twelve preset programs and twenty resistance levels. Plus, there are heart rate sensors on the fixed handlebars, or you can use your own wireless heart rate strap.

Octane Fitness also includes workout boosters to keep you engaged. You can perform intervals with cross training moves with X-Mode, ArmBlaster, and GluteKicker.

Finally, when you have limited space for fitness machines, the Pro310 is a smart choice. It requires limited floor space and less overhead room than many other elliptical. And since it has a low step-up height, it’s pleasant for users with limited mobility.

More features of the Pro310 Elliptical: 

  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty for home use and 1-year for labor


Octane Fitness xR4x Recumbent Elliptical Trainer

Octane Fitness xR4x
Octane Fitness xR4x

Octane Fitness also manufactures the innovative xR4x recumbent elliptical trainer. Forget that stationary bike because the xR4x burns over 20% more calories than a recumbent bicycle. That fact is a result of the increased glute workout you’ll get with it.

But you’ll also find that the xR4x is very comfortable to ride. It has a cushioned seat set at a 45-degree angle. This default angle greatly reduces stress on your back while you ride. It also relaxes your hip flexors.

Plus, you can adjust both the seat tilt and the seat height to accommodate your needs. The seat raises to fifteen height settings, while the tilt adjusts to five different angles. You can easily make changes to target specific muscles for increased stamina, not just for comfort.

Of course, the elliptical has a step-through design so users with limited mobility can enjoy it. And pedaling is not all you can do with the xR4x. It also has activities like Chest Press and Leg Press. With twenty levels of resistance, you should find plenty to challenge you for quite a ways into the future.

Finally, the xR4x recumbent elliptical is compact and movable. It has rollers located at the rear. You can fit it into the corner of the room or roll it out of the way when you’ve completed your workout.

More features of the xR4x Elliptical:

  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty for home use and 1-year for labor



While the price may be a factor, the deciding question is whether you’ll continue to use an elliptical trainer once you’ve purchased it. And the keys to repeated use are threefold: comfort, perceived benefit, and continued challenge.

Both of these elliptical trainers are comfortable to use, they have been proven to give results over time, and they have enough variety of presets and additional functions that the newness won’t wear off for a long time. Once you get bored with the standard running motion, you can challenge yourself with X-Mode instead and try moving while in a squat position.

In the end, your choice may depend more on mobility. If you are buying an elliptical for yourself, would you benefit more from a seated workout? If so, the xR4x is ideal. It’s also a great choice for homes with multiple users of mixed levels of ability since there is no need to step up to mount it.

Otherwise, you may prefer a traditional style of elliptical. The Pro310 is compact and comes with a long warranty for home users.

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