DR-HO’S Pain Relief System Review

While chiropractic care has gained popularity over the years due to its non-invasive treatment and pain relief without the use of drugs, many patients would prefer to find pain relief in the privacy of their own home.  This would both offer more comfort and save them money.

To satisfy this need, various devices have been developed that are similar to those used in the chiropractic setting for home use.  DR-HO’S Pain Relief System is one such device that is available for at home use that allows users to find nearly instantaneous pain relief without having to go anywhere.

DR-HO’S Pain Relief System TENS Unit and EMS

DR-HO’S Pain Relief System

DR-HO’S Pain Relief System uses both TENS and EMS to help ease and relax muscles while removing body aches and pains.  This can include soreness of muscles, back pain, tension, headaches, and even pain in other areas.  This pain relief system will treat them all.

Treating both chronic and acute injuries, DR-HO’S Pain Relief System can cover all the user’s needs.  Other benefits include healthier circulation and increased oxygenation of tissues.  This home system is comparable to that of systems found in a chiropractor’s office.

Alternatively offered, the Pain Relief System Pro is an upgrade on the Pain Relief System.  It offers more additional items in the box with the TENS + EMS unit.  Both devices offer the same great pain relief, but the Pro comes with more pads and a pad placement charge.

Fully Customizable

Designed to be fully customizable for every user, the device comes with four smaller pads, two larger pads, and two pads for the feet.  These three options offer full body coverage for pain relief.  There are 3 different massage modes with 341 stimulation techniques.  This prevents the body from adapting to therapy.

Compact Size

Due to its compact size, this device can go with the user anywhere.  It can be used at work, school, or even while camping.  It is powered by two AA batteries.  Additionally, having the use of a TENS unit in the home will save users money from not having to go to appointments for pain relief. 


DR-HO’S Pain Relief System also has a timer setting.  This means users can set the timer and go to sleep without worrying about the device running all night long.  Additionally, the system is faster than most TENS units available, offering relief in just 20 minutes.

Fast Pain Relief

Because the device uses EMS and DR-HO’S proprietary AMP in addition to TENS therapy, users will find fantastic relief from pain quickly.  It is programmed to automatically change through the stimulations at random to prevent adaptation. 

Who Should Avoid Use

This device should not be used by userswho have pacemakers, extreme cardiac problems, defibrillators, metal implants, excessive hypertension, epilepsy, conditions that cause internal bleeding, or pregnancy.  These patients should consult a physician before use.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies conducted at the University of Waterloo have shown that the Pain Relief System significantly reduces muscle spasms.  Additionally, tests using NIRS have shown that users of the system have shown a significant increase in tissue oxygenation.  The increase in tissue oxygenation causes an increase of local circulation, which improves the ability to recover from pain.

What’s In The Box

The Pain Therapy Relief System includes

  • 1 TENS + EMS unit
  • 2 foot therapy pads
  • 2 large body pads
  • 2 small pads
  • 1 spray bottle


Clearly, the Pain Therapy Relief System offers users an excellent, drug-free way to relieve pain in their own home.  It is a fantastic option for people with both chronic and acute pain issues.

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