TRUE PS300 Elliptical Review

If TRUE Fitness sells several models of ellipticals, what makes the PS300 stand out from the crowd? We dug deeper to discover the reasons why you might prefer the PS300 over other cross trainers.

TRUE PS300 Elliptical
TRUE PS300 Elliptical

First off, the PS300 is a commercial-grade elliptical machine designed for home use. It has innovative extended handrails and side steps that make mounting and dismounting safe and easy.

The side steps also serve another purpose. They let you perform an upper-body-only workout. You can stand stationary on the side steps and use only the moving handlebars to exercise your torso and arms.

You can also work just your lower body by using the moving steps and holding the stationary handlebars. The pedals have removable orthopedic soft step anti-fatigue cushioning to protect your joints from repetitive motion injuries.

The stride length is 21 inches in diameter, which is ideal for taller users, but you don’t have to make use of the full stride. The TRUE Core Drive system keeps the elliptical stable through all your movements even though it’s built very compactly. Users says it operates smoothly and silently.

Combined with the 12 built-in workout programs is TRUE’s Cardio 360 program that trains every major muscle group in a series of total body and isolating exercises in just 20 minutes.

The HRC Cruise Control is a simple one-step way to set and maintain your target heart rate without wasting time programming the console. With 25 levels of resistance, you may never outgrow this machine.

More features of the TRUE PS300 elliptical:

  • Supports users weighing up to 300 pounds
  • Comes with lifetime warranty on the welded steel frame, 7-year warranty on the parts, and 1-year free labor
  • Total floor space required for active operation is 75 by 32.5 inches, step up height is 7 inches
  • Has front transport wheels and removable handles
  • Compatible with Polar contact and wireless heart monitors
  • Has water bottle holder and accessory tray


Elliptical trainers are perfect for doing a low-impact cardio workout with your whole body. That’s ideal for people who suffer from joint pain but want to exercise at home.

The PS300 is a solid machine with features like side steps, orthopedically-padded pedals, and extended handles that make it versatile and safe to use. The levels of resistance and built-in programs keep it relevant for a wide range of users. It’s compact, durable, operates silently, and comes with a good warranty. We recommend the TRUE PS300.

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