Precor TRM 932i review

Precor TRM 932i
Precor TRM 932i

If you want a high-quality treadmill that will last, take a look at the Precor 932i. In fact, you may have seen it in a commercial gym or a hotel fitness center. It’s designed to be easy to use and durable.

Just one note about how straightforward it is to get started: you can access any of the seven preset programs by pressing a button to select it directly. And if you don’t speak English as your native language, you can set the console to display in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and more.

Next, while walking on a treadmill is usually less stressful on your joints than a stroll in the street, the 932i makes it even safer. It has Precor’s trademarked Ground Effects technology. That’s an impact control system which reduces side to side motion as well as shocks to your joints.

The running deck is also built to protect you from repetitive impact injury. It’s a one-inch thick belt made from high-density fiberboard with phenolic laminate. The combination is called “Slik-Dek,” and it comes coated with wax to help you break in the tread gracefully. The belt can also be flipped over to use the other side, thus extending its lifetime.

The 4HP motor is standard for what you’d find on a commercial-grade treadmill. It’s reliable and powerful enough to let you run up to 12mph.

When you want to train, you can select from programs like a fitness test, weight loss, and target heart rate with manual intervals. The display will show you how many calories you’ve burned, your speed, time remaining, and more. While you walk or run, you can check your pulse rate at any time by grasping the sensors in the handlebars. Or you can synch a Polar-compatible wireless chest strap.

At the conclusion, you can view a workout summary with a heart rate analysis.

More features of the Precor TRM 932i treadmill:

  • Covered by either residential or commercial warranty
  • Residential warranty includes lifetime coverage on the frame and welds, 10-years on parts with 1-year free labor
  • Supports up to 350 pounds



If you want a treadmill that is durable, easy to use, and high-quality enough to appear in commercial gyms, the Precor TRM 932i is a solid choice.

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