Precor AMT 835 vs 885 Review

What happens if you combine a stair stepper with an elliptical? You get an adaptive motion trainer. These two models from Precor are designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen major muscle groups. Let’s review them both to see which one is the best for your needs.

Precor AMT 835 Commercial Series Adaptive Motion Trainer with Open Stride Technology

Precor AMT 835
Precor AMT 835

The Precor 835 is durable because it’s made for commercial gyms. That means it will last for years in your home.

It supports users weighing up to 350 pounds and can accommodate any height as long as there is enough clearance overhead.

One of the advantages to the Precor 835 over typical elliptical machines is that you can adapt the stride length from zero to 36 inches, and the stride height from 6.8 to 10 inches. As you use the Stride Dial to make changes, you can view which muscle groups you’re targeting.

For example, you can climb stairs or walk with the trainer, then lengthen your stride to perform lunges or start running. It’s all low-impact exercise to protect your back and joints from injury. And the movable or fixed handlebars let you choose how much of your body you involve in the workout.

There are twenty resistance levels rated at 20 to 375 watts, and you can see the watts and mets data on the screen. The console also shows your heart rate if you grip the sensors in the handlebars or link a chest strap. Plus, you can track your calories burned, your target zone, time elapsed or remaining, and more.

Finally, there are some pleasing features that make your workout more comfortable. First, there is an open place below the console where you can place a water bottle. Next, there is nonslip padding on the handles, and there are toecaps on the pedals. And there are one-touch buttons to increase or decrease difficulty on the fly.

More features of the Precor AMT 835:

  • Comes with 10-year warranty on mechanical and electrical parts, 1-year warranty for labor, and lifetime warranty on the frame and welds


Precor AMT 885 with Open Stride w/ P80 Console

Precor AMT 885
Precor AMT 885

The Precor 885 is also an adaptive motion trainer, or AMT, like the 835. In fact, there are few differences between these models.

One thing that sets them apart is the console. While the 835 has a P30 console, the 885 has a P80. On the P80 there is a 15-inch touch capacitive LCD and a docking station for older iPods and iPhones.

Another difference is the maximum allowed workout time. While the 835 puts no restriction on how long you can exercise at a time, the 885 limits it to 120 minutes.

And one final difference is the machine’s weight. Since these are both commercial-grade trainers, they are not designed to be portable. The 885 weighs 422 pounds while the 835 weighs ten pounds less.

Besides those dissimilarities, the two adaptive motion trainers are the same. They both allow you to perform a variety of exercises, from stair-stepping to walking and running. You can target both your upper and lower body muscles as well as your cardiovascular system. And you can make changes in real time to adjust your workout.

For example, you can change both the stride length and height. These actions will target different muscle groups. The Stride Dial on the console will show you which ones you’re focusing on as you turn it.

The console will also reveal essential data like calories burned per minute and overall, as well as time remaining and your heart rate.

Finally, as you exercise, the Precor 885 protects your joints from impact, but still gives you plenty of challenges to keep you sweating. It’s been tested by Western Washington University’s Biomechanics Lab to suit a wide range of users and provide superior stability and freedom of movement.

More features of the Precor AMT 885:

  • Refurbished model with 30-day parts and labor warranty



We chose to review a refurbished Precor AMT 885 because we know commercial gym equipment can be costly. If you’re watching the bottom line, consider this model, especially since it has an upgraded console.

Otherwise, the Precor 835 comes with a manufacturer warranty as well as the majority of excellent features found on the 885.

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