Total Gym 1900 vs Total Gym XLS vs Total gym Fit Review

Total Gym equipment lets you exercise using the weight of your own body. This is safer than working out with weights because you’re less likely to injure yourself. To increase the level of difficulty, you only need to change the incline of the platform. You can work every major muscle group in your body this way. It’s a simple system, and it’s effective. Let’s take a closer look at three of Total Gym’s top-selling products to see which one will be the best for you.

Total Gym 1900 Total Home Gym with Workout DVDs

Total Gym 1900
Total Gym 1900

If you’re new to Total Gym, you might enjoy one of their beginner models, the 1900. It comes with workout DVDs to teach you the many ways you can get a full workout in 10 to 20 minutes per day.

Their instructions will teach you how to perform 60 different workouts. These include cardio, strength training, and stretching. You can even perform Pilates exercises. Most of these workouts are appropriate for any age, even children and elderly people. Why is that?

The 1900 appeals to all ages because it has six levels of resistance. The 6 levels are based on a percentage of the user’s body weight, between 3 to 45%. Since the 1900 can support up to 350 pounds, that can be a significant amount of resistance. If you want equipment that can support a higher user weight, check out the XLS below.

When the Total Gym 1900 arrives, it comes fully assembled and ready to use. When you want to store it out of the way, you can simply fold it up and tuck it in a closet.

More features of the Total Gym 1900:

  • Frame covered by manufacturer’s warranty
  • 93 inches long when fully open
  • The 1900 has been discontinued by Total Gym but still available for purchase


Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout

Total Gym XLS
Total Gym XLS

If you want a more advanced machine than the 1900, take a look at the XLS. It’s one of the flagship models from Total Gym. It supports up to 400 pounds of weight and is suitable for a wide range of ages, from “8 to 80,” as the company says. That’s convenient when you want to purchase just one piece of home gym equipment for everyone in the family.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to exercise, or if you’re an athlete. The Total Gym XLS will help you stay fit according to your level. Its instructions will teach you how to perform 80 different exercises at 6 different levels of resistance, from cardio and strength-training to stretches. You’ll work every major muscle group in 20 minutes or less.

Like the 1900, the XLS controls the amount of resistance you have according to a percentage of your body weight so you are a lot less likely to injure yourself.

Unlike the basic Total Gym 1900, the XLS comes with accessories like the Wing Attachment, Leg Pull Accessory, and Ribbed Squat Stand.The box includesworkout DVDs and an exercise chart, plus theTraining Deck, and a nutritional/meal planning guide.

When it arrives, you don’t need to spend time assembling it. It comes ready to use right after you unpack it. It also folds up for easy storage.

More features of the Total Gym XLS:

  • Covered by lifetime warranty on the frame and 6-month warranty on the parts
  • 19 inches wide and 90 inches long when unfolded; folds down to 51 by 9 inches in size


Total Gym FIT

Total gym Fit
Total gym Fit

The Total Gym FIT is a new model that’s just as tough as the XLS. It holds up to 400 pounds, and like the others, gives a workout to everyone of almost any age with its 12 levels of resistance. You can perform up to 85 exercises total with the FIT, more than you can with the 1900 or the XLS.

The FIT comes with the AbCrunch accessory to help you tone up your midsection. Learn how to perform exercises with it by watching the included workout DVD. The FIT also comes with a new improved Wing Attachment that has a wider range of motion, and a better Squat Stand.

The ergonomic Glideboard is more comfortable than the platforms on either of the other two machines we described above. It has an auto-lock height adjustment system so you can change between exercises much more smoothly than ever before on other machines. Besides that, the FIT is built with other upgrades like a better pulley and cable system, flexible nylon strap handles, and a detachable bracket on the Leg Pull Accessory. It’s built with a reinforced slide pivot assembly that’s more durable, so it’s covered by a warranty that’s four times as long as the other machines.

More features of the Total Gym FIT:

  • Covered by 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, longer than the other two machines
  • Comes with a wall chart poster demonstrating the exercises and a training deck
  • Measures 18.5” wide by 93” long; folds up to 50.5” long and 8.5” thick for storage



Choosing home gym equipment can get you enthusiastic about getting fit. That’s why it’s important to pick something that will keep your enthusiasm going, something easy to use with increasing levels of difficulty so you won’t outgrow it too soon.

If you want to try out the Total Gym method of exercising, the 1900 is a good introductory model. There’s no assembly required, and it stores folded up and out of the way. It’s easy to control the amount of resistance so you can start working out right away without fear of injury. With 60 different exercises, it will take quite a while to outgrow this machine.

If you’re more advanced and want more of a challenge and better variety of exercises, take a look at the XLS. It comes with 80 exercises, DVDs, and accessories to help you plan your path to fitness. It has accessories like the Wing Attachment and Ribbed Squat Stand to give you a wider range of activities.

The Total Gym FIT is the premium package in this review. Like the other machines, it will work for anyone in the family, but it’s really the advanced users who will get the most out of it. It’s built with extra attention to details, and it comes with more accessories. You can complete a wider range of exercises at higher levels of resistance than you can with the other models from Total Gym.

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