ProForm Pro 2000 vs ProForm Power 995i Review

When you want to get in shape and stay fit, it’s very convenient to have your own home gym equipment. Treadmills are a favorite of many fitness enthusiasts because they help you get a great workout without leaving your home.

A good treadmill will offer important features like a range of speeds for walking and running, the ability to tackle inclines, and a readout that tracks speed, calories burned, heart rate, and more. Of course, to avoid injuries, it’s essential to have a cushioned tread that’s long enough for your stride as well as smooth belt motion. Let’s take a look at these two treadmills from ProForm to see which one will be the best for you.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000
ProForm Pro 2000

The ProForm Pro 2000 is powerful and loaded with features to help you get a great workout, and it has budget price. In fact, Runner’s World Magazine said the Pro 2000 is a best buy.

Personal trainers with lots of experience using treadmills like the Pro 2000 because it changes speed and incline smoothly for both runners and walkers.

It only takes one button push to change your pace and level of difficulty. Hit the button and shift gears instantly without awkward pauses and delays. If you’re during interval training, you’ll appreciate this a lot.

The top speed of 12mph and up to 15% incline will give you plenty of exercise. Twelve miles an hour is a 5-minute mile, not a pace for the faint of heart. It’s a good thing there’s a cooling fan built into the control panel.

If you use iFit, it’s compatible with the ProForm Pro 2000. In fact, you can combine iFit, the Pro 2000, and Google Maps to create a virtual route for yourself. The treadmill will automatically changes its incline to mimic the terrain you’d experience in the real world.

But it doesn’t just make you climb. You can train for the downhill legs of your next race. The Pro 2000 declines down to -3% as well. The 3.5Hp Mach Z Commercial motor will keep up with you and the solid steel frame won’t wiggle or shaking even when you’re running flat out.

To protect your joints, the Pro 2000 is built with 2.5-inch precision machined non-flex rollers for smooth belt flow, and ProShox, an impact cushioning system with strategically placed shock absorbers. When you’re done with your workout, you won’t have to strain your back putting the treadmill away. It has a hydraulic lift assist so it’s easy to fold up out of the way.

More features of the ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill:

  • Tread width is 22 inches, length is 60 inches
  • Backlit display is 7” in size
  • Mp3 player audio jack
  • Integrated stereo speakers
  • Holds up to 350 pounds; step-up height is 12 inches

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

ProForm Power 995i
ProForm Power 995i

The ProForm Power 995i is a little narrower and a little less powerful than the Pro 2000. But to the amateur athlete, the differences are minimal. The self-cooling Mach Z Commercial motor has 3.0Hp to keep the belt turning smoothly at speeds up to 12mph. That’s just as fast as the other treadmill.

The incline on the Power 995i reaches up to a steep 15%, but you can’t practice on declines like you can with the Pro 2000. You can, however, use your iFit to plan virtual hikes and runs through the Alps or anywhere in the world with Google Maps.

There are 30 professionally designed workouts built into this treadmill. Select one, press start, and you’re on your way. Check your heart rate at any time with the built-in pulse grips on the handles. And when you’re done, the Power 995i folds up hydraulically to help you save space without straining your back.

More features of the ProForm Power 995i treadmill:

  • Tread width is 20 inches (narrower than the Pro 2000), length is 60 inches
  • Backlit display is 7” in size
  • Mp3 player audio jack and integrated stereo speakers
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 3-year warranty on parts and 1-year free labor


Both of these ProForm treadmills have gotten lots of positive reviews for their power and features. When you decide to choose between them, there are just a few key differences.

The Pro 2000 has a wider belt and it can help you train for downhill running.

The Power 995i has a slightly narrower belt, but it has integrated EKG pulse grips to monitor your heart rate.

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