LifeSpan TR1200i vs Sole F80 Review

When it comes to fitness equipment a treadmill is the most common piece you can find.  Using a treadmill for a good cardio workout will take you down the path to better health, weight loss, and wellbeing.  In this review we examine to comparable treadmills with similar features.

Sole Fitness F80
Sole Fitness F80
LifeSpan TR 1200i
LifeSpan TR 1200i









Sole Fitness F80

First up is the Sole Fitness F80.  This treadmill is foldable to allow for quick easy storage when not in use.  The F80 has a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which is designed to be soft and quiet and reduce the impact on your knees and joints by up to 40% compared to running on asphalt.  The motor is a 3.0 Cont. Duty HP which is strong and durable and can power the belt up to 12 MPH with incline up to 15% for a very wide range of users.

The message board has a bright LED display and provides clear instructions and feedback.  The message board displays Speed, Time, Distance, Incline, Distance Traveled, Calories burned, Pulse, and Pace.  The board also has a ¼ mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs.  There are 6 standard preset programs, 2 custom programs, and 2 heart programs.  This treadmill has an MP3 compatible sound system and 7.5” workout display.

Features behind the F80:

  • Folding deck for easy storage. When you need to use it, release the deck and it will unfold itself
  • Streamlined control console that offers quick speed and incline adjustment so you can make quick adjustments during a workout
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which reduces impact by up to 40% while operating quietly
  • The frame is precision welded, strong, and durable for users of al weights and heights up to 375 lbs.
  • SOLE LCD display provides a bright blue screen with large clean readouts
  • Integrated message board provides alphanumeric text with scrolling messages that guide you through your workout
  • High torque motor with flywheels that offer the heaviest chassis and motors in their class
  • Powder coated all steel welded frames and heavy duty stable inclines
  • 2.75” rollers have a sealed bearing design and coper ground wires for each roller to reduce static
  • Woven two-ply belts with four layers and two rubber layers over a middle PVC layer with a nylon backing that rolls easily over the deck and rollers

LifeSpan TR 1200i

Next up is the LifeSpan TR 1200i folding treadmill.  This treadmill offers a great value and has similar features to the Sole Fitness F80.  This is a durable and reliable treadmill packed with many features that help you walk, jog, or run in the comfort of your own home.

The handlebars offer a comfort grip design with built in controls that enable you to control your speed and incline without ever having to take your hands off.  This treadmill also features a strong 2.5 horsepower motor, 2.5” front rollers, a large 20”x56” running surface, and a biomechanically sound deck suspension system that supports users up to 300 lbs.  The treadmill also saves your exercise data automatically so you can upload into your personal online LifeSpan Fitness Club account so you can access your programs and reports of your health results.

The console is multicolored LCD that offers many simultaneous readouts and exercise programs.  The display tracks time, calories, distance, steps, heart rate, speed, and incline with large soft touch keys to help you get started and control momentum.  The console comes with 17 preset workout programs designed by physiologists to help keep you safe and motivated to reach your goals.  All programs make 20 different segments with its own speed and inline level according to the program you are using.

This treadmill also offers two My Zone heart rate control and two custom programs.  The My Zone Constant program ensures your heart rate is at a constant level while the My Zone integral program allows you to enter your own minimum and maximum heart rate.

Features behind the TR1200i:

  • Bonus membership to the LifeSpan Fitness Club
  • Built-in high quality speakers with an iPod/headphone jack so you can listen to music while working out
  • Intelli-Step count feature that acts as a pedometer
  • 15 incline levels
  • Folding frame for easy storage
  • Comfort grip handles
  • 2.5” Front rollers
  • 2.5 horsepower motor
  • Personalized profile with your age, gender, and weight so you can receive accurate calorie calculations


Both of brands offer a superior piece of workout equipment that is easy to store and easy to use.  The LifeSpan TR1200i seems to have more features and options than the Sole Fitness F80.  With many more preset programs, the bonus membership to the LifeSpan Fitness Club, ability to connect to your iPod and download your progress to your online LifeSpan Fitness Club account the TR1200i has more features and benefits than the F80.  The F80 does have a higher weight limit however; people up to 375 lbs. can use the F80 vs. a 300 lb. weight limit with the TR 1200i.


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