iSTIM EV-805 Review

Everyday body aches and pains are something that people want an at-home relief from. They want to be able to relieve their muscle aches without going anywhere.  Luckily iSTIM has developed the EV-805 to take care of all these needs.

iSTIM EV-805 TENS EMS 4 Channel Rechargeable Combo Machine Unit

iSTIM EV-805

It is an upgrade when compared to the iSTIM EV-820 that features fewer channels and only has TENS therapy offered.  The iSTIM EV-805 has more options and features and offers better therapy for users.

The Stimulations

The iSTIM EV-805 is a TENS + EMS unit.  It offers a drug-free method of pain relief that is non-invasive.  The unit provides consistent pulses to the skin to provide stimulation to the nerves.  By doing this, the TENS unit can stop the pain signal to the user’s brain and increase the natural endorphins.  The pain relief will frequently last longer than the period of stimulation.

EMS commonly treats muscular injuries.  This method works by the unit sending steady pulses to the muscle that requires treatment.  It makes the muscle to contract and relax.

Other Specifications

The EV-805 is rechargeable and digital.  It features 4 channels, 3 EMS modes, 5 TENS modes, and 24 preset programs.  This device provides highly effective stimulation that helps in the treatment of both chronic and acute pain, providing muscle relaxation and strengthening.

It comes equipped with Japanese electrode pads.  High-grade, biocompatible Japanese gel is used to conduct the stimulator’s current to the patient’s skin. 

Because the EV-805 is so compact, it is easy to travel with it.  Users can take it to work or on vacation.  It also features a large, backlit LCD that shows the status of treatment, selected mode, and selected stats. 

This unit comes with a 1-year warranty and has the option to upgrade to an extended warranty.  It is one of the few TENS units with FDA approval.

The Negatives

On the downside, the unit does not come fully charged and the manual does not indicate that it should be charged until the very back.  Additionally, the device is not the most user-friendly device and will take some time to learn how to use.Users may find that the device is very difficult to use with limited directions available. 

Directions tell the user which EMS program goes for which body part but does not explain the benefit of each specific program.  Users will have to experiment to figure out which one they want or need to use.


Patients with heart disease should use caution when using TENS or EMS.  Further studies need to be conducted to determine the safety of use in these patients.  Additionally, pregnant women should not use TENS and EMS. 

If skin irritation occurs, stop using the TENS until the source of the irritation is determined. 


Clearly, the iSTIM EV-805 offers many great features for those suffering from aches and pains.  Users will be able to treat their problems from the comfort of home.  We recommend it for those who will benefit from the combination of TENS and EMS.

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