Compex Sport Elite 2.0 Review

Many athletes seek tools to help work their muscles without all the stress. Muscle stimulators with TENS units offer the ability to work muscles and relax muscles post workout. The Compex Sport Elite 2.0 is versatile when it comes to these functions. 

Compex Sport Elite 2.0 Muscle Stimulator with TENS

Compex Sport Elite 2.0

The Compex Sport Elite 2.0 is a muscle stimulator kit with TENS. It has 10 programs designed for competitive athletes. It has a sophisticated but easy-to-use design. This device will maximize a user’s workout from their warmup to their recovery. 

When compared to the Compex Wireless 2.0 Elite, the Sport Elite 2.0 offers more programs for relief. They both feature 8 hours of battery life and are both waterproof. 


It features an Endurance Program for coping with extended aerobic activities. It promotes blood flow by working slow-twitch muscle fibers. 

The Pre-Warmup Program features low frequency pulses that do not contract the muscle. Its purpose is to provide oxygen to the muscles before a workout to prevent cramping. 

The Resistance Program provides effects similar to weight training for fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers. It’s an all around program for strength and endurance. 

The Strength Program works out the user’s fast twitch muscle fibers at the maximum power. This is done with no stress to the joints or tendons. It works better than traditional weight lifting alone. 

The Explosive Strength Program sends short bursts of power to the muscles. Unlike traditional workouts, this program works without stress and movement. 

The Potentiation Program helps muscles warmup. It works with no unnecessary fatigue or stress. 

The Active Recovery helps clear lactic acid and relax tissue for post-workout recovery by creating muscle twitch. 

The Recovery Plus Program provides low frequency without muscle contractions. It works to stimulate users’ fatigued muscles safely following a workout. 

The Massage Program features targeted electrotherapy. It helps develop the capillaries of the exposed muscles. 


The Compex Sport Elite 2.0 features TENS pain management. This program helps to decrease pain and increase function and motion. It has four NB of channels. 

It increases explosive strength. The Resistance, Strength, and Explosive Strength Programs active users’ fast twitch, type II muscle fibers that are for power and force. By using the Sport Elite 2.0 users will increase explosive strength. 

Using the Recovery Programs will result in speedy muscle recovery. These programs allow the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This flushed out lactic acid prevents aches and pains from delayed onset muscle soreness. 

What’s In The Box

It comes with 

  • Compex Sport Elite 2.0
  • Carrying case
  • Battery charger
  • CD with user manual
  • Electrode placement guidebook
  • 4 electrode lead wires
  • 12 gel electrodes


Clearly, the Compex Sports Elite 2.0 offers excellent muscle training and recovery options for athletes. It features many programs that target muscles for specific things like reducing lactic acid and building muscle strength. It is an excellent choice for experienced, dedicated athletes. 

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