ElliptiGO Arc 8 vs 24 Review

Since ElliptiGO released their first elliptical bike in 2006, they’ve constantly been improving the features on each new model. Each one offers an experience that combines cycling, running, and cross-training.

But if you’re new to this type of exercise equipment, you might not know which specifications are better for your favorite kind of workout. Let’s take a closer look at the Arc 8 and the Arc 24 below and examine their differences.

ElliptiGO Arc 8 – The World’s First Outdoor Elliptical Bike

ElliptiGO Arc 8
ElliptiGO Arc 8

The ElliptiGO Arc 8 has a compact stride action closer to a bicycle’s pedaling motion, but you’ll be riding it while standing, not sitting. You can adjust the stride height by moving the pedals forward and backward, but this only changes it a maximum of 2.4 inches. The maximum stride size is 14 by 12 inches.

Next, each pedal, or foot platform, pivots. This movement is a challenge at the beginning for some riders, but it will let you try different styles of riding.

As for adapting to different rider heights, you can raise and lower the steering column, or even remove it. Adaptability like this is useful when you want to transport the bike in a car but have limited space.

So why would you be interested in the ElliptiGO Arc 8? For one, if you have neck or back pain, you might not enjoy riding a conventional bicycle anymore. But since you ride the ElliptiGO while standing up, there’s a lot less strain on your spinal column. And you won’t end up with a sore bottom, either.

According to the manufacturer, the ElliptiGO Arc 8 will help you burn more than third more calories than you can on a bike. That translates to less time working out for the same impact.

Finally, the Arc 24 has eight speeds controlled by a Shimano derailleur. While riding, it’s possible to achieve more than 20mph on flat ground and climb hills with up to 30% grade. And you can add accessories like toe cages and handlebar extensions to make your experience more comfortable and fun.

More features of the ElliptiGO Arc 8 elliptical bike:

  • Basic assembly required
  • Maximum rider weight is 250 pounds
  • Weighs 37 pounds
  • Has both front and rear brakes


ElliptiGO Arc 24 – The World’s First Outdoor Elliptical Bike

ElliptiGO Arc 24
ElliptiGO Arc 24

Next up is the Arc 24, which is another compact stride bike from ElliptiGO. The main difference between it and the Arc 8 is hinted at in their product names. The Arc 24 offers twenty-four gears instead of only eight, making it easier to tackle hills. It also enhances your ride on flat ground because it’s easy to set the perfect amount of resistance for your workout.

Besides the greater gear selection, the Arc 24 comes with welcome extras like a fender, toe cages, and grip bar ends for the handlebars. All three of these accessories are standard equipment on this bike. And they can add a lot to a rider’s comfort.

On flat ground, you can surpass 20mph while riding an Arc 24. And you can also climb a 30% incline. But keep in mind one fact: there are no shock absorbers. Therefore bumps can be uncomfortable or even dangerous.

As for rideability besides that one detail, many owners report that they enjoy the ElliptiGO bikes because they don’t suffer from back, neck, or knee pain like they did on traditional bicycles. And those that live in hilly areas prefer the Arc 24 because it has more gears than the Arc 8.

More features of the ElliptiGO Arc 24 elliptical bike:

  • Basic assembly required
  • Maximum rider weight is 250 pounds
  • Weighs 39.7 pounds
  • Has both front and rear brakes



If you’re searching for a way to exercise outdoors but miss the comfort and cardio workout of an elliptical trainer, try the ElliptiGO bikes. The Arc 8 has eight gears and is best suited for use in places with few hills.

Meanwhile, the Arc 24 has three times the number of gears, so it’s easier to ride when climbing hills. It also comes standard with accessories like toe cages, extended handlebar grips, and a fender.

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